Healthier Patients.
Healthier Practice.

Highlands Physicians Inc. and Equality Health - the partnership created with providers and patients in mind.

Highlands Physicians Inc. and Equality Health together provide a network that enables independent practices to effectively adopt and deliver value-based care to Medicaid patients. Providers in our network experience relief from administrative burden and are able to spend more time with their patients. HPI and Equality Health know that higher-quality outcomes equal higher income, and we provide a better system and the right support to make it happen.

How we help

As part of the support that we jointly provide, practices receive:

  • Local support with practice performance managers, care coordinators, and community health workers.
  • Actionable patient panel reports and cultural education to improve outcomes.
  • A resource for initiating outreach calls.
  • Access to and assistance connecting with community-based organizations to help patients with social determinants of health.
  • The ability to remain autonomous as a provider – you continue to make clinical decisions and we provide an additional layer of support with no additional strain on your staff.

Let’s talk

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